Saturday, December 26, 2009

Random Christmas-ness

Christmas at "The Greene" HUUUUUGE tree. Mom lying on the ground. People staring. NERDS!

Real Reindeer! Poor things have really heavy heads.

And here is Jack at "the Pub" riding the Manly Scooter. That is a sucker, by the way. My kids can't smoke until age 8 at least! KIDDING...I am a card-carrying member of the American Red Cross!

SANTA!!! The "real one" as Jack said. He was so sweet. He asked the kids what they wanted then told them that "I can't make any promises, but you know I'll do the best I can!"
Jack thanked him and said "I know Santa. It's OK! I know you are super busy" (mom's heart swells with pride...). But I REALLY want that DS..."(then deflates LOL)

Merry Christmas from the Pegramplace.Thanks for checking in!


Bloggy Mama said...

Merry Christmas!! Did he get the DS?

Lisa said...

Cute pics. I love the one with Santa. So tell us, did Santa bring him the DS, or was he busy?

MAHESH SINGH Aswal said...

nice blogger

Monika said...

i love it