Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pass out

Here is what you dont want to hear when you are happily plugged into Itunes and (finally) starting to sweat on the treadmill...

Jack:  Hey Mom! (as he  yanks the headphones out of my ears)  Mom!  Can you help me show Ry how to pass out? She keeps trying but she is NOT good at passing out. And I'm TRYING to show her but she just keeps crying.

Me: ***** FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!*********
Run up the stairs. Thankfully she is not blue.

They were playing go fish. You know, the card game.
Apparently she doesn't know how to shuffle and deal. She kept handing him a handful of cards instaed of properly dealing (passing out) his hand.

Thanks to my kids for reinforcing my cardiovascular fitness. Small stroke.
I'm good.


Bloggy Mama said...

Sheesh. I had to re-read that one, too.

Amber said...

HILARIOUS!! Thanks for the laugh today!

Prue said...

Aren't kids great when they don't know the correct words!

Gabby said...

I love this blog Mollie! You're a great writer! ((but I admit I almost had a heart attack reading it the first time)) Ha!

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